Graphic designer and advertising art director, watercolorist and illustrator, investigator of mysteries and seeker of truth, that is Ángel Fernández – and his work, with all its practicality and aesthetics, depth and power, is the result of the different ways he expresses his art and his humanistic interests.

The character’s goal is to awaken us and raise our awareness through images that reflect the feelings, thoughts, activities and concerns of today’s world in a universal language, whose interpretation is personal and depends on where the individual viewer is coming from. “Angelito’s goal is to awaken the curiosity we all have inside us, to listen to that voice we hear but tend to ignore,” the artist says.

Ángel Fernández


Fernández got the idea for Angelito in 1970 as a way of expressing his thoughts and reflections. The character existed for himself, his family and friends, but soon found its way into his professional world.

Mara Fernández


Years of experience as the daughter of an artistic family, sister of perseverance, aunt of love, married to her promises, wife of freedom, friend of loyalty, and a happy professional on the go.